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Ipsy Review

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Who doesn’t want to look well put together, and ready to conquer the world every day, the moment they step out of the door?

Every sophisticated woman of the 21st century has to look stunning 24/7, but nobody has time to shop and find the products that would fit every individual correctly.

IPSY knows the struggle of the modern woman and has found a way to provide beauty products that are curated and customized to what you need and desire. Let’s explore what IPSY has to offer.

How Does Ipsy Work?

ipsy reviewIPSY is a top-rated beauty subscription service that will send you make-up, skincare products, and a variety of other beauty products. They will send them every month that you subscribe to the service.

Unlike other beauty subscriptions that come in boxes, IPSY sends out their beauty products in cute bags, called ‘Glam Bags. You can reuse the bag as a purse or vanity bag.

We all have our preferences when it comes to beauty products. IPSY makes it easy for you to have a voice when it comes to the type of product that you will receive every month.

The company’s mission is – to inspire individuals around the world to express their unique beauty, and to make it 100% about you. It is easy to be a part of their movement.

When you visit their website and click “Join,” you will be directed to a short questionnaire, filled with choices. The choices can help you customize your IPSY Glam bag experience.

It starts by asking what type and color of hair and skin you have. They will also ask for the color of your eyes, and the texture and type of your hair. You will then be asked to choose if you would use a product often, sometimes, or rarely.

These products will include foundation, brow products, lipsticks, liquid lip crème, blush, moisturizer, mascara, liners, and concealers. They will also ask for what type of colors you usually gravitate to when it comes to the products you use.

They ask how often you would use them. The most significant part about the service is that you have a say about which companies or brands you usually make beauty purchases from and which brands you would like to try out.

After finishing the survey, they will ask for an email address and what type of bag you would like to choose — Ipsy has three options.

  • Glam Bag ($10.00) – 5 beauty products that are worth $50+ in your bag
  • Glam Bag+ ($25.00) – 5 full-size products that are worth more than $125
  • Combined ($35.00) – Both monthly plans combined are worth $175+

All options come with free shipping within the US. They accept all major credit and debit cards, and they take PayPal options. You will also get an additional $10 off if you subscribe for a full year with their glam bags.

Each bag will contain different curated products based on your preference and will arrive each month with different products. You can cancel at any time.

Types of Products Available

The fantastic thing about IPSY beauty subscriptions that sets it apart from its competitors is that they have a vast number of brands that they are affiliated with.

Their brands allow them to give you the best variety of products each month. Their options enable them to cater to your personal preference.

To provide you with a better idea, here are some of the products that subscribers received for July 2019:

  • 12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment
  • SMASHBOX COSMETICS – Always On Liquid Lipstick in Babe Alert
  • MELLOW COSMETICS – Precision Pen Eyeliner in Black
  • MURAD – Essential-C™ Cleanser
  • HEMPZ – Herbal Body Moisturizer in Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon
  • CIATÉ LONDON – Glow-To Highlighter in Moondust
  • GLAMGLOW – Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in Nude Glow
  • LARITZY COSMETICS – Dew Pot in Utopia
  • EYEKO – Beach Waterproof Mascara
  • BILLION DOLLAR BROWS – Eyebrow Brush
  • LUXIE BEAUTY – 1010 Small Contour
  • JOLII COSMETICS – Luxe Crème Matte in Focoso
  • RED EARTH – Brighten Concentrate Oil with Kakadu Plum
  • THE COFFEE SCRUB – The Coffee Scrub in French Vanilla
  • BENEFIT COSMETICS – Roller Lash Curling Mascara in Black
  • BRTC – Vitalizer Sleeping Mask & Pore Tightening Sleeping Mask Set
  • CIATÉ LONDON – Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer
  • COLOR CLUB – Nail Polish in Mrs. Robinson
  • COLOURED RAINE COSMETICS – Eyeshadow in Who Me?
  • And many more

There are also other products and bundles that you can purchase separately from their IPSY.

These IPSY OFFERS are beauty deals that can give you tremendous discounts on specific products or packages, which can give you almost 80% savings.


As mentioned earlier, you have three options when it comes to monthly plans with IPSY. You can opt for their glam bag, which is 10 dollars. Although this contains mostly sample products, they are $50+ worth of products.

The Glam Bag Plus offers full-sized products worth 125+ dollars, for only $25. And you can get both for the price of 35 dollars a month.

IPSY also offers cashback options for any products you purchase from their IPSY store. On average, you can get 10-30% off on deals at any given time. This offer of cashback is only available through PayPal and with IPSY subscribers.

Company History

Marcelo Camberos and Jennifer Goldfarb started IPSY in 2011.

They were inspired by OG beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan to rethink beauty outside of the standards and rules set by magazine editors, celebrities, supermodels and billion-dollar beauty companies.

Their main aim was to democratize beauty and make it accessible to the masses and affordable to everyone. Their goal is to represent fearless individuality and inclusive beauty in a world that demands otherwise.

The name of their company, IPSY, is a play on the Latin word, ‘IPSE”, which means “self.” The five products in the bag are personalized for you to try out and help express yourself.

The company was founded to take your beauty to the next level, making it more accessible, rewarding, and liberating to give you the tools to develop your definition of beauty.


If you are not a fan of what IPSY beauty plans have to offer, don’t worry, we have created a shortlist of alternative beauty subscriptions.

Petit Vour –  If you are against the inhumane and cruel treatment that big corporations force on animals, then Petit Vour beauty subscription is for you. They curate make-up and beauty products for you, which are 100% cruelty-free.

FabFitFun This is a seasonal beauty subscription that provides 8-10 products worth over $200 in estimated value. Their approach is holistic in each subscription, and this is through wellness, beauty, and lifestyle products, all in a well-curated box.

Allure Beauty BoxThis is one of the more affordable monthly beauty subscriptions, which offers almost $90 worth of products for only $15.

This box comes with various products that are trending and tested by magazine editors. Their products include make-up, hair, and beauty products.


  • Great value for a minimum of $10
  • Monthly products come with a cute reusable bag
  • Larger plans available
  • Earn points to redeem free products
  • Amazing and precise personalization of plans
  • Hassle-free cancellation
  • Free shipping within the United States.
  • Discounts for annual subscriptions


  • Select samples can be too small
  • Products may seem like they are less than the 50-dollar claim value

Ipsy Review Final Verdict

If you’re looking to start dabbling in beauty subscription services or you want to add another subscription to your current assortment of monthly boxes you receive, then Ipsy is a great place to start.

Their loyalty program and the great value they provide in each box is fantastic and worth serious consideration. 

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