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Eyescream Review

Misc Eyescream beauty products

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My goal is to go beyond the well-known brands like Ipsy and Allure to find the hidden gems. Eyecream was one the lesser-known brands I found and I wasn’t sure what to expect because the website looks pretty low budget.  Is it a a lucky find or dud? Read on. 

About Eyescream Beauty

Eyescream Logo

Eyescream Beauty is a smaller makeup oriented subscription aimed at the more adventurous crowd. 

It offers two subscription options, a bag and a box.  The monthly bag is shipped in a bubble envelope and contains 3-5 makeup items.  The box contains 5-7 beauty products.  Each order will contain a palette.  

Signing is up is extremely simple. No quizzes, no pages of products to rate, just put the subscription in your cart and check out. 

My first orders shipped almost immediately and future orders shipped at the beginning of the month. 


You have two options:

  • Monthly Bag ($12.50) – 3-5 Make-up items with a retail value around $65
  • Monthly Box ($25.00) – 5 -7 products that are worth about $125

Shipping for the bag is $4.00 but the monthly box ships free! 

Example Bags

March 2024

Gimme More is a juvenile wild palette that isn’t practical for most people. I had to watch Youtube videos about how to use bold colors in everyday looks without looking like a toddler playing in their mother’s makeup. 

There are bold palettes that are more wearable because they come with neutral shades and look less like they were inspired by the leotards in a 1980s workout video. 

April 2024

Never showed up. I wasn’t charged for it, but I was subscribed. 

Example Boxes

March 2024

To put it in one word, disappointing.  The eyeshadow palette is awful.  There were too many colors that I was never going to be able to use. The highlighter is gloopy and the dropper to get the product out of the bottle doesn’t work. The rest of the box was fine. 

April 2024

Glossy, glittery, shimmery. The most useable product for me was the clear lip gloss.  The palette has more neutral and universally flattering colors in it, but it’s pretty shimmery so it’s not one I reach for. 

The Pros and Cons of the Eyescream Beauty

What I Love

  • Multiple tiers to fit your budget
  •  It pushed me outside of my comfort zone
  • Easy to cancel

The Less Desirable

  • No customization options
  • Most of the products aren’t available on Amazon which makes me wonder about the quality
  • Favors shimmery products which may not be good for mature or dry skin
  • Some palettes were too wild for me
  • I didn’t get one of my packages one month (but also wasn’t charged for it)


I canceled pretty quickly. When a clear lip gloss is the most exciting item in a box, you know it’s not for you! This feels like it’s aimed more at teens, which may be part of the problem. 

This is going to be a polarizing box. This subscription is for you if:

  • Bold, prismatic palettes in a dazzling spectrum of rainbow colors makes you giddy
  • Taking unicorn colors and creating a masterpiece of self-expression is a breeze for you
  • Neon pinks and sea foam greens are used in your everyday looks
  • You are looking for a gift for the teen in your life

If you left neon colors behind when you quit the 80s rave scene and glittery eyeshadow makes cringe, this box is as useful as a chocolate teapot.


  • Ipsy  –  The closest competitor in terms of price point with a smaller grab bag and larger box.  It can be customized to match your preference and is more wearable for professionals. The add-ons each month make this one another favorite for me!
  • Medusa’s Makeup – A bold and playful brand with a little bit more subdued subscription box. I found the products to be more usable and cohesive. 
  • LiveGlam – Another competitor in terms of adventurous makeup options that features their own brand. Each month you can choose from a few collections, so if a palette is too bold for you, you can pick something else. 

Not in to Commitment?

Eyescream has some past boxes in their shop for slightly more than their monthly subscription price.

LiveGlam offers a mystery box each month which is a total surprise!

Happy Picks by Mia offers one-time makeup boxes with a little customization and I was extremely happy with my purchase from her Etsy Shop. 

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