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BirchBox – May 2024 Review

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We’ve looked at Birchbox as a Subscription Service here, but let’s take an in-depth look at the May 2024 boxes I received. Yes, I somehow received more than one. 

May 2024 – First Box

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This is what we’re all in interested in. What are we getting for the money and is it worth it?

Box Contents:

May 2024 – Second Box

About a week after getting my first box, I had a second one show up which was pretty weird.  I bought a 3-box subscription, so that means I have received all three now. 

Box Contents:

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure why I got two boxes this month and I assume that means I won’t be getting my final box in June after all. 

As for the contents, I stand by what I said in my original review. The boxes are good and a decent value, but when compared to Ipsy and Allure, I’m not sure they are keeping up with the competition. 

What are your thoughts on these boxes? 

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