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Birchbox Review

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As the first beauty box subscription service to ever launch, there are high expectations for Birchbox.

After all, surviving for nine years with all the competition in the subscription industry means that they are probably doing something right.

So we’re here to take a look at the OG of the beauty subscription world. We’ll see if they live up to expectations and whether they are still ahead of other alternatives already available in the market. 

How Does Birchbox Work? 

birchbox reviewAs the first beauty subscription service, Birchbox practically developed the model for how the box delivery service works. To subscribe, you can go to their website.

You register for an account, and you’ll be asked to fill out your profile with your personal preferences. This list will be used by Birchbox to customize your monthly box. 

Birchbox balances the content of their monthly package so you’ll receive a mix of products from prestige and niche brands. These products will help you discover new favorites and see which ones work best for you.

If you like the product, you can buy the full-sized versions from the Birchbox online shop. The wonderful part about this is that they ship for free, and you receive loyalty points with every purchase.

The loyalty program gives you $1 back for every $10 spent in the online store. 

If you continue with your subscription, you can select one of the samples you receive each month. So, in case you encounter a brand that you already know you don’t like or you prefer to test something else, you can do so easily. 

Types of Products Available

The primary product of Birchbox is their namesake, the Birchbox monthly package. It contains a mix of beauty samples across the makeup, skincare, body care, hair care, and fragrance categories.

You are guaranteed to receive 4-6 deluxe samples for each box, and they are carefully curated to ensure that you receive great value with each delivery. The box also contains a sheet with tips and tricks on how to use each product.

Birchbox also has an online shop that covers multiple categories of beauty products such as makeup, hair, and skin.

They also offer collections that contain a mix of all these products and have a dedicated sales section so that you can get the best deals they offer each month. 

If you want to see a full list of all their brand partners and get a glimpse of what products you might receive, you can look at their Brand Partner page. 


Birchbox has three available pricing models, and they are as follows: 

• Monthly plan at $15/month

• 6-month plan at $14/month

• 12-month plan at $13/month

We want to note that the subscription bills monthly and there is no option for a one-time payout for the annual and semi-annual plan.

Their subscription page notes that when you select a long-term plan, you are committing to the length of the plan. The significant part about Birchbox is that if you subscribe to a long-term plan, you get a gift, which varies from time to time.

Their subscription page also features free items and codes that you can use at checkout to get freebies. These change every so often, so make sure you check their page out regularly.

Company History

Birchbox is a New York City-based beauty subscription box service that launched in 2010. Considered as the OG of the beauty subscription box industry, today it has over one million subscribers and over four million online purchase customers.

Unlike other subscription services, Birchbox has a brick and mortar store in New York. Despite being the first beauty subscription service, the company ran into significant trouble in 2015-2016, operating at a loss.

However, the company managed to turn it around the succeeding year by turning a profit and achieving record-breaking growth, shipping 1.5 million beauty boxes and increasing their subscribers by nearly 63%. 

Today, the company enjoys continued stability even with the increased number of competitors in the market.

Birchbox recently partnered with the Female Founder Collective – a network of businesses led by women and supporting women co-founded by designer Rebecca Minkoff.

Through their initiatives, Birchbox continues to empower women, not just through their beauty products but through corporate and entrepreneurship endeavors as well. 


If you feel Birchbox isn’t the right fit for you, then you should take a look at these alternatives: 

  • Petit Vour – Petit Vour is focused on supporting smaller businesses and brands that focus on cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics and beauty products. Their carefully curated subscription service allows you to continue being fabulous with a clear conscience. 
  • Ipsy – The Ipsy Glam bag contains five beauty products each month, and they offer the Ipsy shopper discount so that you can purchase your favorite brands on their online store for 10-30% cashback. 
  • FabFitFun – Taking a holistic approach to their service, FabFitFun’s subscription box contains items that focus on beauty, health, and wellness for true self-empowerment. Members also gain access to FabFitFun TV, a video streaming service that will help you work out whenever you find time in your busy schedule. 


• Customizable box 

• Great value for its price

• Loyalty points for shop purchases that you can use for discounts

• Great selection of products


• Samples only and no full-sized products

• Samples can be tiny

• Products have repeated

Birchbox Review Summary

If you’re the first in the industry, you’re bound to have the pedigree and the experience to make it through hard years. Birchbox did just that and came out stronger and better.

They have maintained their status as the OG of the beauty subscription service. Their careful selection of high-quality and niche brands provides excellent value each month to all their subscribers.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to add another subscription under your belt, this is one to consider seriously. 

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