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Book of the Month Club Review

The greatest struggle I’ve faced as a reader lately has been finding quality books to read. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut of mediocre reads and it’s a struggle to pick up another book.  I turned to Book of the Month Club to help me get out of my latest reading rut.

How Book Of The Month Works

Book of the Month logoBook of the Month Club is as exciting as it can get for grown-up readers.

As an avid adult reader, you are most probably always on the hunt for new books, to explore new realms of fiction and other genres.

Searching for a new book becomes more of a hassle, especially if you have been reading voraciously since childhood and have run out of suitable options to try.

In times like these, you need a literary savior such as Book of the Month Club to come to your rescue.

The Book of the Month Club is a simple and straightforward book subscription platform for adults to acquire exciting new book releases.

It matters not whether you are a fiction fan or a biography buff, this platform has got you covered with their very considerable book variety.

By now, you’re probably wondering how this platform actually works—so here is a quick overview to help you out:

  • Book of the Month Club works in collaboration with both renowned and up-and-coming book authors planning to release their new publications.
  • The platform announces top five monthly selections, each carefully picked by their team.
  • Subscribers have until the fifth of every month to choose a book from the top five list.
  • By the sixth of the same month, the book arrives at your doorstep, and you are ready to embark upon your new reading adventure.
  • If you are confused about which book to pick, don’t worry! You can read the Book of the Month Club reviews and blog posts to get yourself acquainted with all of the newest releases.
  • If you want to skip the book for a given month, you can do so.

What I really like about this platform is how efficiently it keeps the reader’s interest in subscribing to book selections every month.

And I love that there is usually a small surprise included in the box with your books.

Types of Books Available

Book of the Month Club is famous for offering a wide variety of books in many different genres.

The platform has recruited qualified book judges who hand-pick every book for each month’s top picks.

Because of this process, it is always a surprise as to what you will have to choose from for a particular month!


  • For the first month, you pay $5 for your first book if you can find a good coupon code
  • For the second month and continuing forward, you will pay $16.99 monthly
  • You can also purchase an extra book for an additional $16.99 along with your shipment
  • You can skip any month at any time
  • Gift cards are also available
  • You can get previous month’s picks (subject to availability)
  • Shipping is free

Company History

If you are wondering about the authenticity of the Book of the Month Club, let us ease your mind by telling you that this platform has been around for nearly a century; it is perhaps one of the oldest book subscription clubs in existence.

Book of the Month Club was launched in 1926; incidentally, their first choice that year was The Sun Also Rises.

To date, the platform continues to operate successfully, owing to the fact that they so efficiently cater to the vast population of avid readers out there.

The Book of the Month Club has survived the changes of every decade, and its team of book judges has always adjusted to these ongoing changes.

Thanks to its commitment to introducing new releases every month, the platform is pretty much guaranteed to always have plenty of exciting titles to offer its subscribers.


Here are a few other top book club options to choose from, if this one isn’t your cup of tea:

  • Faithbox: A platform targeted at the Christian community to cultivate religious devotion and inspiration by sending wholesome packages.
  • Bookroo: This platform has gained a prominent reputation owing to its suitability for kids’ books, which are available in three age-appropriate formats.


  • One of the oldest book subscription platforms
  • Top five book picks to choose from every month
  • Early releases of upcoming reads so that you can peek at what’s coming next
  • In-depth Book of the Month Club book reviews, blog posts, and guides to help choose
  • Option to skip your subscription for any month
  • Gift cards also available
  • Option to redeem your subscription fees if you fail to pick a book for the following month
  • Qualified panel of book judges to curate the top monthly picks
  • Option to purchase an extra book along with your shipment


  • In some cases, shipping may take longer than five days
  • Some users are not satisfied with the range of books offered by Book of the Month Club
  • Getting an extra book will cost you $16.99 in addition to the monthly subscription fee
  • Some features, such as access to the Blue Box Boutique, aren’t available until after your 3rd month

Overall, the Book of the Month Club is a suitable platform for adults seeking a monthly dose of fresh and current literature.

It offers subscribers the ability to peruse and choose from the carefully curated top five titles so that they will always know what they will be receiving.

For some users, the slower shipment times and poor variety issues may be a problem.

However, the platform has a far greater amount of happy subscribers than dissatisfied ones—and have done so for nearly 100 years.

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