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KitNipBox Review

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Our finicky Feline Product Evaluator, General Meow, is a couch and box potato.  I’ve seen senior pets more active than this middle-aged loaf.  General has toys, but his favorite items are a hair tie and a luxurious box that makes the perfect hideout.  He is jealous of the dog subscription boxes his sister gets, so we’re trying the KipNipBox.

How Does KitNipBox Work?

kitnipbox review

KitNipBox is one of the only cat subscription boxes on the market. Each box contains a mix of snacks and toys. Toys may include catnip toys, wands, plushies, and crinkle toys. 

KitNipBox only works with reliable suppliers to focus on healthy and nutritious treats.  There is a rigorous screening process as part of KitNipBox’s research and development efforts. This process is to make sure that only the best and cat-appropriate products will come to your doorstep. The company places great emphasis on delivering only reputable, high-quality, and safe products for your feline friend.

The company sources all treats from North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Most of the treats you will receive, once subscribed, are all-natural, organic, and grain-free.

Boxes are shipped within a couple of days of your first order and then again at the start of the month. 

A portion of KitNipBox’s proceeds goes to shelters, rescues, and a variety of other feline welfare causes such as The Paw Project, San Francisco SPCA, and Brooklyn Animal Action.

Signing up was incredibly fast and easy, but there were no options to customize the box. All I could select was the regular box or the multi-cat box.

To start a subscription with KitNipBox, go to this link, enter your information, and click “Subscribe Now!”

Example Box

Each KitNipBox will contain cat toys, all-natural treats, must-have accessories, and other surprise goodies. These are all aimed at keeping your cat happy, healthy, and fit.

We got a few catnip toys, a couple wands, a few plushies, and some dental chews 


There are two subscription options for KitNipBox:

  • Happy Cat KitNipBox – includes 5 or more goodies; a perfect match for one cat households. – Cost $19.99/month
  • Multi-Cat KitNipBox – Comes with 7 or more goodies; this is the best option for a two or more cat household, or a single cat household who treats the cat like a human. – Cost – $29.99/month

The company carefully curates the package options in such a way that you will save up to half off the retail price.

Shipping is free in the US, while international shipping has extra charges and restrictions. 

What I Love

  • Our box was loaded with so many toys!
  • The company provides support to 100+ animal care organizations
  • Free shipping in the United States
  • Multiple cats option to save more
  • If your cat is looking a little round, there is a no-treat option

The Less Desirable

  • No discounted subscriptions in the long term, since there is only a monthly renewal
  • Toys can’t be refilled with catnip as needed
  • Our cat tester seems to prefer cardboard boxes, but that may be a personal problem


I was shocked by the value of the box!  It had 8 toys and a package of dental chew. 

I thought General would be more interested in the box than his new toys.  I got one toy out to start with and he loved it!  He took it to his favorite box to play. 

He was more active and happier with a toy than we have seen him in a long time! Genera has other toys, but for some reason, he loved THIS toy.  He even played with a wand for the first time in a long time.   Then he went back to his box.

If you have a playful cat, this subscription is a great way to keep them interested in their toys and rotate them so they don’t get bored.  On the other hand, it won’t single-handedly change the temperament of a lounging loaf on it’s own. 

If KitNipBox seems right for your furkids, you can sign up here. 


RescueBox is the only real competitor.  While slightly more expensive, RescueBox donates 60 meals to animal charities for each box ordered.  It’s also extremely easy to order a one-time box if your cat isn’t as toy motivated as they used to be. 

Not in to Commitment?

We tend to order from Chewy as needed because General has been doing his best sloth impression for a while now.  They have boxes for both cats and kittens

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