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About Us

We are a couple of hard-working adults who got tired of only getting bills and junk mail.  We took matters into our own hands and ordered a few subscription boxes to break up the monotony. 

Now that we get more than a few boxes (don’t ask how many!), we decided to start reviewing them so other people can learn the pros and cons of each box before ordering. 

The team consists of Ms. Subscription Addict, Mr. Subscription Addict, the Canine Product Evaluator, and a Feline Product Tolerator who sits in all the boxes. 

Our Review Process

We aim to provide authentic reviews to help you decide which subscription boxes might make your life a little easier or happier.

We research, forfeit our email addresses, take new user quizzes, and debate which box size meets our needs. Then, we anxiously wait for our products to arrive and check the tracking once or twice for good measure. After unboxing and testing out our new goodies, we create a review with our opinions and observations. 

Unless our house starts to look like it belongs to hoarders, we like to get 2-3 boxes before writing our reviews. This gives brands the benefit of the doubt if they ship out a dud one month or if something just isn’t to our taste. We will let you know if we are gifted a subscription box for review (but it hasn’t happened yet.)

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