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BookCase Club Review

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2024 Update: BookCase Club is closed


  • Book of the Month: A popular option, this long-established platform offers you the opportunity to receive your choice of new releases every month.
  • Used Book Monthly – After selecting your genre, you receive the selected number of gently used books each month. Every box is unique! 
  • Romance Reveal – Like the name implies, this box is for the romance lover who wants to receive a curated box each month. The customization options are awesome! From the number of books to your favorite tropes, you can choose what will suit you best. 

Reading a good book with a cup of a tea and a furry four-legged footwarmer is one of the simplest joys in life. Keeping the shelf stocked with great reads can be a bit of a challenge.  Whether you are a thriller fan or a history geek, the BookCase Club has something for you.

About BookCase Club

BookCase Club logoSo, what exactly is the BookCase Club?

This platform is a subscription service offering several packages for avid readers in major book genres.

The platform’s ultimate goal is to highlight the importance of book reading among readers of all age groups.  A reading habit has been linked to better focus, stronger analytical and writing skills, and stress relief. 

BookCase Club offers an opportunity for book zealots to sit back, relax, and have new bundles of interesting books to devour delivered straight to their mailbox. Sound interesting?

Let’s take a look:

  • Choose a theme:  The platform features eight different themes from which you can select your most favorite ones. To start choosing your themes, you will have to sign up to create your account on BookCase Club.
  • Choosing a plan term: Here, you will have to select a payment term. Users can choose from 3-, 6-, and 12-month terms. The best part is that these plans can be paused at any time if you need a break or to catch up on your reading. You can pay online for the term of your choice.
  • Getting the shipment: BookCase Club offers one of the quickest shipping for their subscription plans; within the first month of payment, the shipment is sent to subscribers.

Overall, subscribing to BookCase Club is as simple as it gets, and it’s great they offer the option of choosing your theme and pausing your plan.

Types of Books Available

BookCase Club offers a range of 8 different themes you can pick from:

  • Teenage Dream (YA, or Young Adult), featuring six different options monthly
  • Strange Worlds, featuring science fiction/fantasy
  • Blind Date, featuring paranormal romance
  • Thrill Seeker, featuring mystery/thriller
  • Booking for Love, featuring romance
  • Kids’ Books, featuring picture books
  • Quarterly military history books
  • Quarterly cookbooks

If you are wondering about the suitability of kids’ books offered by BookCase club, let me tell you that they stand among the best.

The collection features picture books designed to stimulate curiosity, establish a love of reading, and aid your child’s overall growth and development.


Undoubtedly, the BookCase Club is one of the most affordable subscription-based communities out there.

The inexpensive pricing offered by this platform is designed to entice you to subscribe and check out its monthly shipments.

Here is a breakdown of pricing and what you’ll get for your money:

  • A single month plan costs $9.99 a month + shipping, which is quite inexpensive as compared to other book subscription services.
  • The package will include two books, specially handpicked by BookCase Club’s team based on your theme of choice, and a variety of bookmarks that change with every new shipment.

Due to its affordable pricing and handpicked books, BookCase Club has become one of the best book subscriptions and is a delight for every avid reader who does not want to spend a lot of money on potentially uninteresting books.

Company History

BookCase Club was created in 2015 to provide readers with an unending supply of monthly literature.  Since then, the club has been supplying bookworms a monthly dose of pleasantly surprising books in every shipment.

If we take a look at their official website “About” page, it becomes very obvious that this platform places high importance in promoting literature and the transforming power of stories.


  • A choice of selecting books from 8 different book themes
  • Two books of your choice and beautiful bookmarks in every shipment
  • Safe and secure payment methods
  • The ability to cancel next month’s subscription before it starts
  • Ability to pause the subscription term to catch up on reading
  • Enriched book genres with a variety of options to choose from
  • Affordable pricing and fast shipping


  • Issues with the quality of shipment boxes and the protection of their contents
  • The shipments do not seem to follow the order of book series as everything is sent randomly

Overall, the BookCase Club is a very affordable way to ensure you have an exciting new book on your doorstep each month.

With the ability to manage your subscription, choose your genre, and take advantage of fun little perks like bookmarks, it’s easy to see why BookCase Club makes great sense for avid readers.

If that weren’t enough, cookbooks and non-fiction can keep you coming back time and again.

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