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The Dapper Dog Box Review

best dog subscription boxes

2024 Update: The Dapper Dog closed and is no longer creating or shipping subscription boxes.


  • RescueBox – This subscription boxes focuses on giving back and each purchase provides 60 meals to pets in need. This is easiest subscription to manage with a reasonable month-to-month price and free shipping.  I am considering moving to this box once my current subscription is up. 
  • BarkBox – This is what I currently receive and my dog loves it.  Every month she gets some new toys and treats in the mail. With extra toy and durable toy options, there is a an option that fits your needs.
  • Pooch Perks –  What sets Pooch Perks apart from the other two is the Custom Pooch, where a subscriber could select toys or toys only, more durable toys, or build a box for a household with multiple-sized dogs.  Their shipping schedule is also very flexible.
  • BullyMake – For your determined chewers, BullyMake is the best fit for you. With mixed reviews for their toys online, we recommend buying one toy here to start with and considering subscribing if it meets your standards. I haven’t ordered this one because my dog is a light chewer so it’s unnecessary for us. 

About The Dapper Dog Box

the dapper dog box reviewThe Dapper Dog Box is a subscription box that caters to all dogs, whether puppies or seniors. In your box, you will receive toys, treats, and trendy bandanas based on the current theme. Each box contains five items with an average package value of $60.

Treats are sourced from American small business owners who prioritize your pets health and wellness. The company guarantees that part of the costs and proceeds go to rescue organizations, including The Sato Project, Chews Life Dog Rescue, Animal Hope & Wellness, Queen’s Best Corgi Rescue, and more.

Example Box

The following products are the typical make-up of your Dapper Dog Box monthly:

  • Two treats
  • Two toys
  • One bandana

These types of items rotate each month, so your dog will never get bored. The service curates these products for you and your dog in such a way that the products and treats are all made in the United States. They are all organic and grain-free. These products never contain any artificial preservatives or fillers.

The Dapper Dog is the only monthly subscription box for dogs that includes a colorful and lovable bandana in each box.

This bandana costs less than its actual value from a bandana shop. If you do not find the quality of these bandanas or any part of your treat box satisfactory, you can quickly call the attention of the company to correct the problems.

Dog sizes can be updated anytime through their site to sure they receive the right treats, toys, and bandana size. The Dapper Dog guarantees that your extreme-sized dogs (extra-small or extra-large) will receive the right products each time.


A trial box (which isn’t on automatic renewal) costs $35 through this link.

Shipping is FREE in the USA with any of the subscription plans offered by Dapper Dog. For overseas deliveries, $4.99 and $25 per box per month are charged for Canada and all other countries.

The following table shows the available subscription options for your dog:

  • Monthly Subscription $35/Box, with monthly billing of $35
  • 3-Month Subscription $30/Box, with billing every three months of $90
  • 6-Month Subscription $27/Box, with billing every six months of $162
  • 12-Month Subscription $26/Box, with billing every year of $300

**not including delivery charges outside of the US

Company History

Kerrie Fitzgerald was behind the establishment of The Dapper Dog Box in 2015. The target of The Dapper Dog Box back then were modern female dog parents in their 20’s to 30’s. And she has done her research.

The company also focuses on people who treat their dogs like their kids. The typical profile of the initial patrons of The Dapper Dog Box were dog owners who shop at Wholefoods and Trader Joes—who usually celebrate a birthday party for their pets each year.

To differentiate their products, The Dapper Dog Box added colorful bowties and bandanas to the boxes. The products were also not only healthy but also of high quality.

Fitzgerald was able to differentiate from the competitors through including accessories. Another strategy that went beyond marketing is telling the “why” of the products as a need for pet dogs. Building trust through connection was The Dapper Dog Box’s advantage.


  • Boxes are adjustable for allergies and heavy chewers
  • Heavy Chewer toys have a 10-day guarantee
  • Treats are hypoallergenic, meaning treats contain no soy, corn, rawhide, or bones
  • Free shipping in the USA


  • The catch is, this is one of the most expensive dog subscription packages
  • Shipping costs a lot for Canada and other countries
  • Heavy Chewer Box costs more than ordinary chewer boxes


Most of the pet boxes are similar, so it really depends on what you want to receive each month. My dog hats clothes so the bandana would be torturous to her. One of my prior dogs loved feeling dressed up so it would have been perfect for her. 

Dapper Dog has a satisfaction guarantee and offers the ability to customize the box for allergies or heavy chewers. This means that your dog can have a Dapper Dog box that will meet his or her needs regardless of his unique tastes.

If you like ethically sourced and hypoallergenic toys and treats for your dog (plus the cute bandana), then The Dapper Dog Box is for you. Part of the profit share will also go to dog shelters, foundations, and causes.

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