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Urbane Box Review

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UrbaneBox is a subscription clothing service that promises to set you up with two to three good-quality fashion items a month.  A stylist picks the looks according to your preferences, so you get a set of brand-new clothes, expertly picked…and get to rock a new look.

How Does UrbaneBox Work?

urbane box logoIt’s pretty simple and starts with your average registration process. 

You’ll be asked to pick out outfits that best fits your current style.  The style quiz has not changed since 2018 according to screen shots on older blogs. Make a note of this for later. 

You’ll answer a few questions regarding your preferences, style, measurements, and tastes. It did not feel very comprehensive. 

You can choose between the following:

  • Paying month-to-month
  • A three-month package
  • A six-month package

A stylist is assigned to your account, and they’ll choose 2-3 clothing items based on your preferences and body type.  They’ll look for styles that will help you look your very best.

Types of Clothing Available

UrbaneBox initially started with a focus on menswear. It has since branched out to offer the fairer sex great quality clothing as well—including both casual and formal options.

Supposedly, the stylists take the newest trends and use them to create wearable and practical looks. The focus is on finding staples that can be used over and over again.


The packages have two or three items in each; this will cost you $75 per month. Longer subscriptions offer a small discount and you can get as low as about $65 per month.

Example Box 


I want to write about the whole experience here from start to finish. 

I tried to order one box for the purpose of the blog, but it was a complete disaster.  It took multiple days to get to the point where I could actually check out.  Once I did check out, my password I just entered didn’t work.  My card somehow got declined, which meant I had to link Stripe with UrbaneBox to fix it.  I didn’t really want to do that, so I didn’t.  I got tired of dealing with the logistics issues before I even got an order in! 

A few days later, I noticed a charge pending on my card which was weird, but I figured it would go away. Suddenly, I got a notification that a box had shipped. I contacted customer service and they blamed the card company saying it was flagged by them, but then instantly released. Is that suspect to anyone else? 

I got the items and promptly put them on. Of course, I sent a photo to my friends, like you do when you get new clothes and here are some responses:

I have been blessed with honest friends!  While the pants fit pretty well, the style didn’t feel current.  I’m not sure why there were single pleats down the front. Are they supposed to look like pockets? I might wear them this summer because I am short on capris (no pun intended).

The shirt looks like I’m wearing a paper bag. However, it is so soft that I actually want to wear it! This is going to be the shirt I wear with my legging while I’m snuggled with the dog on the couch, munching on peanut butter cookies, and reading whatever Book of the Month sent me. 

For those wondering, the pants retail for about $59 and the shirt retails for $54, so the box was just over a $100 value. 

Pros & Cons of UrbaneBox

What I Love

  • Cancellation is simple: As long as you cancel before the fifth of the month, you don’t have to give notice.
  • Quick turnaround: You’re looking at between three to seven working days to get your first delivery.
  • The company offers discounts from time to time: Keep an eye out – the company is pretty good at sending out useful discounts. Snap them up, though; they usually expire fast.
  • The price is the price: Unlike other boxes, the styling and cost of the clothes are included in the subscription fee. 

The Less Desirable

  • No clear value for the box: A lot of sites will say you get a $100 value in each box to show you’re getting a deal, especially for high profit margin items like clothes. 
  • If you don’t like the item or it doesn’t flatter you, you still have to keep it.  Exchanges are only for items that don’t fit for another size or they charge you a $15 fee.
  • Trouble Checking Out: I tried to sign up repeatedly and it took about three tries on different days to actually get through.
  • They don’t have a very active social media page and aren’t tagged in users’ posts, which makes me wonder how the service is doing.  


This service isn’t really worth the risk or hassle for me, especially to get items that I did not really care for. They didn’t look much like the style quiz to me. When the style quiz hasn’t been updated in 6 years, it makes me wonder how much it helps them figure out your style. 

Style Quiz

I am often between sizes, where neither fits well, and some current styles look like a paper bag on me.  The top I got in this box is a good example of that. I am not comfortable risking an additional $15/month or maybe even $30/month to exchange items that don’t work out just so someone else can pick out my clothes. 

Here is a link to another site where they reviewed UrbaneBox. The review is a little older now, but I wasn’t overly impressed with the clothes they picked. For me, it would have been more wearable and fit with my “uniform” that I have created for myself to minimize my clothing purchases. 

I could see this being a good service for people in areas where the shopping is limited and you want to have something different than everyone else.  If your sizes are pretty consistent across brands and you want to receive new pieces each month, this may be wonderful for you! 


  • Stitch Fix – A stylist curates your looks for each box.  You are charged a $20 styling fee, but it is applied to the price of the items in your box that you choose to keep. With options for different budgets and shipping schedules this may be a better option.  We haven’t had a chance to try this one out yet. 
  • Yoga Club – A mostly athletic wear service. Since a lot of us are working from home more now, that may be exactly what you need! 

Have you tried UrbaneBox? Leave a comment below and let us know how it went!

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