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Allure Beauty Box – March 2024

Misc perfume, skin care, etc from Allure Beauty Box

We’ve looked at Allure as a Subscription Service here, but let’s take an in-depth look at the March 2024 Beauty Box. 

March 2024 Box Contents

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This is what we’re all in interested in.  What are we getting for the money and is it worth it?

Box Contents:

  • Beauty Bakerie Cotton Candy Champagne Blushlighter Palette (Retail $38) – A nice palette with a large amount of product and colors that will work for most skin tones.  I also like that it’s not too shimmery. 
  • Strip Whipped Coconut Makeup Remover (Retail $28) – Overrated.  On Amazon it says that you don’t have to wash it off, you do.  I didn’t wash my hands immediately after using it and they felt a little greasy and my face was sticky.  I’ll use this product, but I wouldn’t buy it again. 
  • 19/99 Highlight Stick in Miele (Retail $34)–  In a different shade, I may have been more excited about this.  It’s a little too orange for me.  I will find a use for it, but I’ll use the Blushlighter Palette more. 
  • Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum (Sample) –  After reviewing the ingredients, this seems good but the top ingredients are all commonly used in most skincare products. The more specialized botanicals are pretty far down the ingredient list, so I’m not sure it justifies the retail price of nearly $100. I wouldn’t buy the full bottle, but it was fun to try out and it felt nice on my skin.  I’d be excited if I got another sample of this.
  • Nature Lab Tokyo Clarifying Scalp Scrub (Sample) –  I had no idea scalp scrubs existed!  This had a weird texture but it left my hair and scalp squeaky clean.  I would buy this!  
  • Sweet Chef Ginger Vitamin C Mask (Retail $3.99) – I like these!  I buy sheet masks from a few brands and enjoy using them as a little treat or self-care item.
  • YSL Libre Parfum (Sample) –  This smells really nice and I’m glad I got the sample.   If I was looking for a new perfume this would be high on my list.
  • Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (Retail $132) – This seems like an average cream with nice packaging and branding.  Reading through the ingredients, most are the same as any product you’d pick up at any price point and nothing seems to justify the exorbitant price. There are higher quality products available for less. Even the expensive serum above is higher quality and less money. 

Looking purely at the numbers, the cost of the products clearly exceeds the $25 I spent on the box.  Allure Beauty Box is a vastly better value than ordering the products piece by piece.

Final Thoughts

It’s a fantastic value for everything you get for $25.  I love trying new products I wouldn’t get to try otherwise.  

However, I am critical of the retail price of some of these items.  Expensive does not mean it is high quality and we can see that particularly in the Elemis Cream.  It’s average but sold at a Needless Markups price. 

Similar Budget Friendly Finds

If you want to get a budget version of the couple high-priced items in the box, this is what I would recommend:

  • The Ordinary 3 Bottles Face Serum Set – $25.98 – Even Hailey Beiber uses some of The Ordinary products.  If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me. 

  • DMEA & MSM Cream – $10 + shipping – In my opinion, the DMEA & MSM moisturizing cream has higher quality ingredients and is significantly less money then the Elemis cream.  This is my regular moisturizer when I don’t need one with SPF. 

What are your thoughts on this box?  Do you know of any better dupes for the Sulwhasoo serum or Elemis Collagen Cream?

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