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RescueBox Review

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Our Canine Product Evaluator has been working hard this year taste-testing treats and trialing toys.  At her last performance review, it was determined that she deserved a bonus this quarter, so she got to try RescueBox

About RescueBox

rescue box review

Put your feet up and relax with your pet while RescueBox curates a special toy and treat delivery just for you. 

Inside each RescueBox you will receive a couple of toys and several high-quality treats and chews. The total value of each box is around $40.

There are no customization options for this box other than the dog’s size (or changing it to a box for cats!) RescueBox uses the proceeds from each order to donate roughly 60 meals to rescue animals in need.  I’m speculating, but fewer options likely means lower box costs for the company so they can donate more. 

The company sources most of its products from the USA and Canada, with an occasional product from South America.  All of the treats and edibles in RescueBox are USDA-approved.  Sourcing can be a concern for some chews like rawhides, so you can rest easy knowing they have done the research for you. 

Your first box ships immediately after ordering and the subscription renews each month on the same date as your first order.  I ordered my first box on the 3rd, therefore, subsequent boxes will be billed on the 3rd.

Example RescueBox

Example Rescue Box, two toys, two bags of treats, and a chew stick


RescueBox offers one box size and renews monthly at a rate of $29.95 and shipping is free. There is a 5% discount if you pre-pay 6 months and 10% if you pre-pay for the whole year. 

When checking out, there is an opportunity to give an additional donation to GreaterGood as a tip. 


  • Freyja was trying to swipe the treats while I was trying to photograph the box, so she was clearly interested
  • Straightforward website, skipping a month or canceling is a breeze
  • Edible items come primarily from the United States and Canada
  • The subscription funds food donations to pet shelters and rescues
  • Rare option of a cat box


  • The monkey toy was a little large for Freyja. She prefers smaller ones
  • No customization for allergies
  • No discount for long-term subscriptions unless you pre-pay


This depends on your priorities. RescueBox is competitive with BarkBox and Pooch Perks if you look at the month-to-month pricing or single box options. On a long-term subscription, RescueBox ends up costing a little more but doesn’t require an upfront payment for the whole subscription, which makes it a more attractive option.

Let’s stop counting pennies and look at the big picture for a minute. RescueBox is part of GreaterGood Charities, a 501(3)(c) nonprofit company, that funds a variety of efforts from humanitarian to conservation to animals in need.

Black and white dog with a stuffed hedgehog toy

Looking into their 2022 financials, they spent 94.5% of their budget on philanthropic programs.  Only 1% was spent on management costs and the rest went towards fundraising. Charity Navigator gives them a 97%. I don’t think I’ve seen better metrics.

If giving back is a high priority for you and you don’t mind paying a little extra to support rescue and shelter animals, this is an excellent choice!  While the other boxes also give back, it’s not to the same extent.

We’re considering switching once our BarkBox subscription is up.  I had no idea about this box or GreaterGood Charities until I started writing this post.

If you’re ready to sign up, here is the link!

Note: While they have an affiliate program, I am not part of it and don’t plan to be because they are a nonprofit. 


There isn’t a direct competitor if you factor in the company’s focus on charitable activities, but there are comparable boxes:

  • BarkBox – BarkBox ships boxes containing toys, treats, and health items for your furbaby to enjoy. Each month includes a new theme to keep every experience unique and enjoyable for your dog. It’s a comparable price and also supports animals in need by donating a portion of their profits.
  • Pooch Perks – The most customizable of the dog boxes.  Whether you need to accommodate multiple dog sizes in your box, allergies, or a special shipping schedule, they got you covered. 
  • KitNipBox –As the name suggests, KitNipBox is for our cat friends. They will get their steps in batting around catnip toys and jumping for wands. It’s $20/mo for the basic box with free shipping, so there is a pretty sizable price difference. They also give back to cats in need.

Not in to Commitment?

It’s really easy to get just one RescueBox! I love that you aren’t “penalized” for getting just one box with a significantly higher price. 

My other recommendation is the Goody Box from Chewy, but there isn’t much savings with that box unless you catch it on sale and with free shipping or add it to another order. 

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