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Bookroo Review

Cultivating a love for reading in children begins from a tender age; during this developmental period, children are likely to find new affiliations and interests which can last for the rest of their lives.

As a responsible parent, one of the biggest things you can gift your child with is an enlightened upbringing.

Fortunately, multiple online platforms are offering parents the facility to cultivate a habit of reading in various ways, and Bookroo is among the leading ones.

How Bookroo Works

Bookroo logoHave you ever reminisced about receiving and opening a beautifully wrapped book as a child?

Undoubtedly, the joy of opening presents is unparalleled for kids, and that is precisely how Bookroo plans to cultivate the reading culture in children.

As a subscription-based monthly book club, Bookroo offers a striking and diverse collection of books for kids aged from 0 to 10 years.

With this platform, you can always be sure about receiving something new and exciting for your child in the mailbox every month.

Here is how it works:

  • Skim through Bookroo’s collection of books, carefully picked by a qualified panel
  • Choose from a subscription package based on your child’s age group
  • Choose books from the collection of pictures, board, and chapter books
  • Complete the payment process, and the books will start rolling into your mailbox every month
  • Bookroo makes special arrangements to deliver the books, as every package is wrapped in an attractive cover to combine the joy of opening presents with receiving the books
  • Bookroo will send a hidden treasure book pick to keep your child interested in all manner of different authors and genres
  • Bookroo also offers gift card support, and you can set the delivery time for your child’s birthday
  • You can also send a gift Bookroo package to children of family or friends

Types of Books Available

Bookroo operates under the safe assumption that any parent would like to offer a variety of books to their children. Depending on the age group, children tend to learn about things by deploying different learning techniques.

For instance, infants are more stimulated by visual learning cues as compared to toddlers, who have started to learn more via verbal communication.

Fortunately, Bookroo recognizes this variation, which is why they offer different options for the three books you’ll choose for the wrapped package delivered to your address.

Here is a breakdown of book packages offered by Bookroo:

  • Board Books: Each box will have a combination of 3 board books that are suitable for ages from 0 to 3 years. Board books offer higher resistance to damage, and you can be assured of the fact that your child will enjoy it thoroughly.
  • Picture Books: This package will contain a combination of 2 picture books recommended for the 2-to-6 year age group. The books feature visual elements along with textual stories.
  • Chapter Books: The package will feature two interesting chapter books suitable for kids in the 7-to-10 year age group. These books are designed to prepare children for complex book stories.


The pricing for Board Book and Picture Book packages are as follows:

  • Month-to-month package costs $24.95
  • 3-box package costs $23.95/month (prepaid)
  • 6-box package costs $22.95/month (prepaid)
  • 12-box package costs $19.95/month (prepaid)

Prices for Junior & Chapter Book packages are:

  • Month-to-month Package costs $25.95/month
  • 3-box package costs $24.95/month (prepaid)
  • 6-box package costs $23.95/month (prepaid)
  • 12-box package costs $22.95/month(prepaid)

For each box they charge $5 for shipping, making these boxes roughly $25-31 each.

Company History

Bookroo is located in Springville, UT, and was founded in 2015 by a group of moms who wanted to offer better reading opportunities to their kids from the comfort of home.

Knowing that parents wanted to give their kids a better chance at enlightenment, Tiffany, the founder of Bookroo, also wanted to eliminate the hassle of trying to choose appropriate books for young children.

In collaboration with her two sisters-in-law, Jane and Rebecca, Tiffany created the Bookroo platform.

Bookroo wants to empower parents to educate their children by building an interesting book collection for them.

The company’s goal of saving time and making book selection easier has been on the road of achievement ever since the establishment of Bookroo.


Bookroo is a wholesome book subscription platform for young children.

However, if you are looking for an alternative to Bookroo, the following platforms may be considered:

  • BookCase Club: One of the most affordable book subscription services out there, as you can get a bundle of three books in the theme of your choice for only $9.99/month.
  • Faithbox: A Christian-oriented subscription service platform offering a wholesome range of surprising and inspiring packages; books are aimed toward impacting spirituality and faith in the subscribers from the Christian community.
  • Book of the Month: The longest running of the best book subscription services, which allows you to select a top pick and buy an additional book; they also offer free shipping.


  • New/rare book titles available with every subscription mailed to you
  • Carefully curated book selection by a panel of 12 reviewers
  • Informational card about the author of each book included in the package
  • Carefully wrapped book selection to add to the joy of opening presents and receiving books
  • Alternating subscription packages to facilitate families having children of different age groups
  • Occasional discounts on multiple subscriptions
  • An excellent choice for a gift on your child’s next birthday
  • Parents can also select the books they want in every package
  • Promotion of book-gifting culture by dispatching emails of gift reception to recipient’s parents


Overall, Bookroo is a great subscription-based option for parents who want to promote reading and a book-gifting culture in their children so that they can grow up to be knowledgeable and well-read individuals.

From exciting packaging to an integrated panel for book selection, everything seems child-friendly.

The box is cute and well worth your money, especially considering the choice of “hidden treasures” which are featured in every mailing.

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